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Well - just buy one and you are good to go. Maybe - but I know myself and there is something that I don't like on all these available devices - borders, limits,limited device support,... so no - that's not the way for me. I have tried the (at that time) new Fibaro Home Center and the packaging is superb, the device looks wery good, the user interface is also good looking. If you look at the videos or presentation materials online, it look good. But I've tried it and it's horrible.  And of course, I cannot integrate everything there. 

I always wanted to write my own home automation controller software. But the time is my enemy here, so to be realistic - I will not try that. 

There is a couple of high-quality open source home automation systems and from that I have selected Homeassistant  (HA) as my favorite. It's not perfect, but I don't need to develop something, that is already there and I have to woory just about integrating my devices (if they are not already supported by HA). The community is great, programming language is python and that is very positive for me.

No - I will not write an article about installing homeassistant on raspberry pi, banana pi, orange pi or any fruit pi - plenty of beople have covered that for me. Lets just say, I'm running Homeassistant Supervised (docker) on Raspberry Pi 3. I have been running it on bananapi, but it looks like that piece of hardware is out of order now.